Energy Saving

End-to-end energy saving services for businesses 

See, analyze and understand your energy consumption across an unlimited number of locations and assets through the end-to-end solutions provided by Vinergy, then act to reduce it with behavioral modification and two effective, proven technologies in air conditioning and refrigeration.

The first step to any energy management project is to install real-time energy monitoring equipment that reveals your consumption on an asset level. When our product is in, you can monitor consumption on your own or with the help of one of our dedicated energy consultants. And what’s more, you can use partial public displays of your dashboard features to help change the behavior of your biggest energy leakage area on site – your staff!

Vinergy propose the following strategy for Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS):


Detailed on site audit and cross check with management and available schematics to ensure all equipment is correctly listed. Identify high consumption assets for monitoring purposes. First visual walk-through inspection to identify possible energy spills.

Energy Monitoring

Installing our real-time energy monitoring system by which we can accurately track your energy usage (and wastage) over time. Second by second. Asset by asset.

Data Analysis

The data from the energy monitoring system is sent to a secure cloud server hosting the IoT software and displayed in intuitive dashboard visual monitoring all incoming data in real-time using the customized dashboard on the web interface.

Implement & Reduce

With the benefit of abundant data insights, we can remotely identify areas of possible energy wastage an take immediate low-cost action. In addition, we can introduce retrofit technologies to make even greater savings.

Review of result

How well has our strategy worked? this stage is all about comprehensive reporting – we can show granular analysis of the energy management strategy to inform the future targeting process.