Pricing Models

We offer transparent, up-front pricing models suitable to every client’s needs and budget. We understand our SME clients like no other and take pride in our different pricing models.  We are proud to be the only energy services provider in Viet Nam to offer Energy Savings as a Service on a no-cure no-pay basis without any upfront payment! Unlike other service providers we do not believe in overpromising and underperforming, we only profit if you profit, it is really that simple. Please find our different pricing models below.

1. Subscription-based

You will pay a monthly fee to access our platform with your customized dashboard to monitor your energy consumption. You will pay a one-time fee for hardware installation.

2. Pay-as-you-save

You will pay a monthly fee based on the amount of energy savings measured during a pre-determined contract period.

3. Partnership / Referral Model

Partner with us to offer energy monitoring and savings solutions with platform access as a value-added service to  your customers.

4. Lease / Financing Model

We provide immediate finance &  lease solutions for energy-saving services and sustainable energy infrastructure. Start saving money immediately and pay later.

Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to get a free demo and assessment of how much money we can save your business.